Focuses on all children and their families regardless of age.

Activities include the following;

1. Liaise with the Department of Justice (D.O.J) and the Department of Social Development (D.S.D) on matters related to children in need of care.
2. Identify, care and support children who are in need of care.
3. Facilitate alternative foster care placements for vulnerable and orphaned children.
4. Conduct foster care placements supervision for vulnerable and orphaned children.
5. Facilitate the application of the Foster Care Grant for orphaned children.
6. Render family reunification services.
7. Provide adoption services.
8. Provide generic Social Work Services to families.
9. Instill and support money saving skills to foster parents from the grant they receive.
10. Provide Counselling services.
11. Offer support to parents and care-givers looking after orphans.
12. Provide family reunification services.


The organization provides low cost Child Childhood Development facilities for low income families and grant recipients. This service focuses on educational, economic and psycho-social support to children ranging from ages 0-5.

Activities includes;

1. Stimulate the children according to age groups for school readiness.
2. Offer guided play.
3. Provides a toy library facility.
4. We provide two balanced meals.
5. Organize year end functions and provide them with gifts.
6. Provide excursion trips.
7. Run parenting /support skills sessions with those parents and/ or guardians.
8. Instill money saving skills.


Care Net is running programmes to bridge the gap

Monday to Saturday Programme
Afternoon Session 14Hrs-17Hrs
Saturday: 09hr-13hr (only one session)
Duration Activities
2hrs Assembly/Orientation/Socialization
Language lesson activity
Numeracy lesson Activity
30 Min Break / Refreshments!
1h30 Homework activity
Skills activities
Free Play
Tidying up/Closure

Pyjama Party.

Outdoor Play.

Heritage Day Celebrations.

Structured Play.


This service focuses on educational, economic and psycho-social support to school going children and their families, as well as holiday programmes.

Activities includes;

1. Provide assistance with their school/homework.
2. Assist children who are under performing from our case load.
3. Liaise with relevant schools and teachers in order to strengthen teaching and learning.
4. Engage parents, foster parents and educators to help children grow as better future families.
5. Assist children to access bursaries for tertiary education with ease.
6. Instill money saving skills by teaching simple economics.
7. Stimulate their positive thinking.
8. Develop self-reliant leaders among them.
9. Offer counseling services where necessary.
10. Continue Identifying, caring and supporting children in need.
11. Improve the quality of life and those in need (OVC).
12. Run parenting /support skills sessions with those parents and or guardians.

The Holiday Program focuses on the following activities;

1. Guided play.
2. Educational tours.
3. Setswana lessons.
4. Crocheting, sewing and gardening.
5. Jewellery making.

A visit to a mushroom farm – Winterveldt.

Learning sewing and planting skills.

Homework supervision and playing.


This programme focuses on stimulating economic generating activities and life’s skills to adults who are meant to be economically active adults. A product named Makhura-bag is an energy saving cooking bag made by unemployed locals and sold to our staff members, community members, other professionals and business people.

Benefits of ‘Makhura bags’ includes;

1. Reduction of unemployment and alleviation of poverty in the community of Winterveldt.
2. Saves time, trouble and electricity/gas.
3. It saves precious water.
4. It saves food (20% of all staple food in Africa is burnt).
5. With the Makhura-bag, there is no burning.
6. It can reduce a family’s fuel usage, saving money and easing poverty.
7. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
8. It solves respiratory problems and other diseases, particularly in children.
9. It reduces accidents in the kitchen, because stoves are used less.
10. It reduces time spent cooking, giving more time for child-care and other activities.
11. Contributes to positive environmental conditions.

Public education and sales.

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